TEDxAthens 2012 Talks – [Human Grid] Paul Loeb

TEDxAthens 2012 Talks – [Human Grid] Paul Loeb

Ο Paul Loeb μετρά 35 χρόνια στην έρευνα και στη συγγραφή, πάνω σε θέματα για τηνΚοινωνική Ευθύνη και την ενδυνάμωση της αξίας της, σαν στάση ζωής.

Κατά τη διάρκεια της ομιλίας του στις 23 Νοεμβρίου, ημέρα αφιερωμένη στο Human Grid, παρέθεσε παραδείγματα μεγάλων προσωπικοτήτων αλλά και απλών ανθρώπων, που κατάφεραν με αποφασιστικότητα, πάθος και ισχυρή πίστη στο στόχο τους, να εμπνεύσουν και να “ξεσηκώσουν” δημιουργικά κοινωνίες, να επιτύχουν την αλλαγή, να πράξουν για ένα καλύτερο “αύριο”…

Παραδείγματα θετικών ανατροπών που ήρθαν μέσα από το μετασχηματισμό της ατομικής προοπτικής σε συλλογική δράση αλλά και περιπτώσεις αυτό-οργάνωσης πολιτών με αποτέλεσμα σημαντικά κοινωνικοοικονομικά οφέλη. Κοινό χαρακτηριστικό όλων των προσπαθειών, η μετάβαση από την ιδέα, την επιθυμία και το όραμα στην πράξη, παρά τα πραγματικά εμπόδια που έδειχναν ανυπέρβλητα και τη γενική αίσθηση του ακατόρθωτου που δημιουργούσαν οι συνθήκες.


[Author Soul of a Citizen and The Impossible Will Take a Little While]

How do ordinary citizens make their voices heard and actions count in a time when the world seems spinning out of control? How does a country like Greece deal with a seemingly impossible situation. Paul Loeb examines how people from around the globe get involved in larger community issues and what stops them from getting involved; how they burn out in exhaustion or maintain commitment for the long haul; what we need to learn from the citizen movements of the past; how involvement can give a powerful sense of connection and purpose, and what it takes to make change even when the odds seem overwhelming.

Paul Loeb has spent thirty-five years researching and writing about citizen responsibility and empowerment–asking what makes some people choose lives of social commitment, while others abstain. He’s the author of Soul of a Citizen: Living With Conviction in a Cynical Time, with 135,000 copies in print. He’s also the author of The Impossible Will Take a Little While: A Citizen’s Guide to Hope in a Time of Fear (Basic Books, 2004), named the #3 political book of fall 2004 by the History Channel and American Book Association, and winner of the Nautilus Award for best social change book, Generation at the Crossroads, Nuclear Culture, and Hope in Hard Times. He’s written for the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Psychology Today,AARP Bulletin, Redbook, the International Herald Tribune and the Christian Science


Monitor, been interviewed on CNN, NPR, C-SPAN, NBC news, CBC, the BBC, and NPR, and lectured at 400 colleges throughout the country and numerous national and international conferences. Paul founded the Campus Election Engagement Project, which helped 700 colleges and universities engage their students in the 2012 election.

Alice Walker writes, “The voices Loeb finds demonstrate that courage can be another name for love.” “I stayed up half the night reading Soul of a Citizen, finding it a beautiful and morally transcendent work. Paul Loeb is a personal hero of mine who gives decency and generosity a political character, in the humblest of ways. The new edition is magnificent,” writes Jonathan Kozol. Habitat for Humanity founder Millard Fuller concludes “Paul Loeb brings hope for a better world in a time when we so urgently need it.” The late Susan Sontag called Loeb “A national treasure.” Bill Mckibben comments “Soul has been a powerful inspiration to citizens acting for environmental sanity, showing how they can take committed stands, even if they don’t know every last answer. The new edition is even more inspirational.” And Bill Moyers writes, of The Impossible Will Take a Little While, “This book can even make one hopeful about the future despite so many signs to the contrary.” See


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